Good day, bad day

Sometimes, you take the bad with the good. As I try to get back in the swing of healthy living, Thursday and Friday have had a little of both.

On Thursday, I woke up in Sedona, so I took full advantage of the beautiful scenery and above-freezing temperatures with a 20-minute (or so) walk.

Great view, eh?

Red Rock country

Does it negate the effort if I tell you I stopped for a Frappuccino-type drink? I didn’t get it from Starbucks, but from the Pink Java Cafe in Uptown. I’m still ticked at that particular Starbucks, which was also within walking distance, for not having WiFi.

Anyway … that was more movement than I’ve gotten in a while, so I’m happy with the effort. I also stopped at a yoga studio that’s giving free classes next week. I’m going to try to take at least one. It won’t be easy, though, because with Heather on vacation, I’m working every day this week.

Today was payday, meaning I went out for lunch. But since I’d just had Picazzo’s (my standard payday lunch) on Thursday, I went to Frank’s deli instead. Before I walked through the door, I fully intended to order the pear salad. But then I saw today’s special: Fish & chips. Salad went right out the window … and I was glad. That fish was delicious.

My goal for the day was to see if my healthy choices would outweigh the not-so-healthy ones.

Not good:

  1. Not ordering the salad I’d intended.
  2. Eating another half of a homemade candy, after already enjoying one.
  3. Drinking a can of diet Dr Pepper.
  4. Having a Frappuccino shortly after lunch, just because I was at Safeway, reloading my Starbucks card.


  1. Drinking 2 bottles of water.
  2. Avoiding the urge to get a burger and fries after work. I snacked on some ravioli and Greek Veggie salad (from the Safeway deli) instead.

    In lieu of the burger & fries I considered picking up on the way home from Super Walmart.

  3. Picking up the ingredients for this Winter Monster Smoothie Jenn talked about. (That recipe sounds so good that I’m eager to try my first green smoothie.)
  4. Snacking on some cocoa roasted almonds from the stash in my desk drawer instead of hitting the vending machine when the 10 p.m. munchies struck.
  5. Parking at the far end of the parking lot at the grocery store.
  6. Getting my hair trimmed. It had been FOUR MONTHS since my last cut, and the ol’ mane was looking decidedly skanky. I don’t know about you, but I always feel better when my hair looks good.
  7. Eating soup and salad for dinner again (the other half of Thursday’s dinner. Safeway had a special: Buy a bagged salad kit, container of soup and loaf of bread for $5. I still have bread, but the salad and soup served two.)

More good choices than bad? I’ll take it. Here’s to another day like it tomorrow.


2 responses to “Good day, bad day

  1. Beautiful Sedona pics!!! I love that area. I swear the air quality does something wonderful to the body.

    Enjoy that smoothie! I find coconut milk in the soy milk area at the store. It’s made by Soy Delicious. It isn’t as creamy or rich as the can coconut milk so a great smoothie addition.

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