It’s another wrap

Dinner was late Monday night. By the time I got a chance to take a break, it was too late to do so. I should just plan on taking dinner with me to work when I work on Mondays.

When I don’t, I snack — and justify it as “tiding me over until dinner.” Last night, it was a Valentine’s cupcake someone thoughtfully brought in and a bag of Baked Lay’s from the vending machine.

After work, which wrapped up early at 11 p.m., I headed home to make dinner. It ended up being … wait for it … another wrap. 😉

Chorizo, hash browns, egg, cheese, spinach, bell pepper, onion and mushrooms

This time, I added orange bell pepper, onion,  mushroom and 1/4 cup of preshredded hash browns to a little soy chorizo and an egg. I topped it with a little chopped spinach and cheddar and wrapped it in a 100-calorie tortilla … Delicious!

Another GreenLiteBites winner: Strawberry and dark chocolate smoothie

I also made myself one of these: The Dark Chocolate-Strawberry Smoothie Roni posted on GreenLiteBites Monday. Not having the recipe in front of me when I made it, I threw together a cup of frozen strawberries, a cup of unsweetened almond milk and a palmful of mini semisweet chips.

The result was … well, just yum. And it was the closest I got to a true Valentine’s gift. The Boyfriend sent me a text and promised to spend today (my day off) together.

Until that happens, I’m headed to Starbucks to get some serious editing done. Just found out there are just 38 more days until RWA Golden Heart calls go out. That means getting the full MS in ship-shape so when I final, I can reap the benefits.

Oh, yeah. I have to finish judging the entries they sent me, too. Guess that should be first on my list. 😉


2 responses to “It’s another wrap

    • It’s a spicy Mexican-type sausage. It can be made with pork or beef, but they also make a vegetarian version, which is what I picked up.

      And no, I’m not going veg … not yet, anyway.

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