Skills old and new

I revived a low-carb favorite for breakfast Sunday: An omelet. Two whole eggs, bell pepper, onion, mushroom, soy chorizo, cheese and 1/4 cup (not Atkins-friendly) shredded hash browns.

I ate at 9:30 a.m. and stayed full until 1 p.m., when I bought a croissant to snack on while sitting at Starbucks. (I went for a write-in and stayed for another hour after Anne Marie left, editing my story and reading through one of the Golden Heart entries I’m judging this year.)

I could tell the difference between eating a protein-filled breakfast and that carby snack, though. (A lesson relearned.) Shortly after finishing the croissant, I was hungry again. But instead of finding something else packed with protein, I went for cheap: a $1.99 snack box of popcorn chicken and potato wedges from KFC.

Obviously, my carb-watching skills are rusty, because I went on to devour a peanut-butter cookie and, later, some popcorn and a single-serve BBQ chicken pizza.

That lack of planning reared up to bite me again. I need to buckle down and plan, plan, plan. (Another old lesson re-learned yet again.)

Now, on to the new: On Saturday, I attended my first knitting group. I’ve crocheted since age 7, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit (even more so after reading “Knock Me for a Loop,” a romance in which knitting is featured, this summer).

Knitting is different, for sure. I think I’ll like it … once I don’t have to think quite so hard about doing it, that is. If nothing else, it’ll keep my hands too busy to snack! 😉


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