Weekend update

Can you even call it a weekend update if I wait until Wednesday to catch up? I suppose the answer is yes, because my “weekend” technically ended Tuesday. Once every three weeks, I get a 3 1/2-day weekend that actually spans a real Saturday/Sunday and stretches into Tuesday.

This weekend, I spent quality time with the Boyfriend. Here’s a rundown of some of the highlights — and lowlights.

— On Saturday, we had a lunch buffet. Keep in mind that I used to put away copious amounts of food at a buffet … so much food that I always walked out feeling stuffed (and happy that I got my money’s worth). Nowadays, I try to avoid buffets just to avoid the temptation.

But we were there and it was cheap, so the buffet it was. I started with a small-ish plate of salad, then moved on to a bigger plate filled with grilled veggies, steak, a pork chop, grilled salmon, and one small cheese-stuffed manicotti. I made one last trip, but that plate had just two items, some more pasta — chicken florentine pasta with marinara and some savory stuffing. That last swing also took me past the desserts, where I got a sliver of coconut cream pie and another of raspberry-chocolate cake.

So yes, there was still a lot of food involved. But I ate a lot less than I used to. At one time, I’d have had salad and two plates heaped with food before going back for a dessert or two.

— I consumed two chocolate milkshakes over the course of the weekend (but stayed away from Starbucks until Monday, when I discovered that the Starbucks near the Boyfriend’s new apartment is apparently the only one on the planet that doesn’t offer free WiFi … or any WiFi at all, for that matter).

— Project 365 completely fell by the wayside, and I still haven’t taken it up again. I’m sure y’all don’t want to see yet another picture of my cats, and I haven’t been doing anything exciting enough to warrant documentation.

— I started reading a new Nook book, “The End of Overeating” by David A. Kessler. I remember thinking it sounded intriguing when it first came out, so I downloaded it to my Nook last week. So far, I’m only on page 51, but there’s a lot of food for thought here. Watch for a post or two on this book in the near future.

— I also picked up a paper copy of the “New Atkins for a New You.” After my last chat with Jenn, my life coach, I thought it’d be a good reference for the journey I’m about to embark on. No, I won’t be doing Atkins proper, but I’m going to aim for a diet lower in carbs and higher in veggies and protein. (There’ll be more on that in another post, too. I have lots to blog about. The key is finding time to do it.)


3 responses to “Weekend update

  1. I forget when I was at a buffet last, probably in September when I visited my brother in DC. I ate ok then, but can remember when I used to ‘pig-out’ at buffets.
    Hey is the Nook book thingy cheaper then a kindle?

    • I got the basic Nook WiFi, and it was $149 plus tax. I bought it because, unlike the Kindle, you can read any e-book format on the Nook. (I was told that you must buy things for the Kindle only from the Amazon store.)

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