Moving day

Sunday was moving day for the Boyfriend, and I was drafted to help.

Did I mention the call for assistance came at 7 a.m.? I’m not usually awake at that hour, so I was astounded by the sunrise.

So that's what 7 a.m. looks like!

Pretty, isn’t it? I see it so rarely that I’ve forgotten that fact — but that’s what happens when you work until midnight and then stay up until 3 a.m.

The first order of business was to walk Bandit. When we headed out, he wanted to walk faster than I did … as usual. I saw a lot of this:

His hind-end, rushing ahead of me.

Then it was time for breakfast. I fueled up for the work I knew was ahead of me with a fried egg sandwich on sourdough. Cheese, spinach, ham and spicy mustard were in the mix.

Egg, Colby-Jack, spinach, ham and spicy mustard on sourdough.

That was 26 carbs, since I counted. Unfortunately, the rest of the day was not low-carb at all. I’m finding it’s tough to cut back on carbs without committing completely to Atkins’ Induction.

Finally, I got on the road. When I arrived 45 minutes later, I was greeted by a herd of deer.

They're there. Promise!

It took about an hour to load the truck and another half hour to drive to his new place. Then, we unloaded the small stuff. (He had friends coming to help him carry the heavy stuff up the stairs.) I made so many trips up those stairs that my hind end got a workout. I’m not loving the new built-in Stairmaster! 😉

After that, I had to head back up the mountain and put in a day’s work. I snuck in a second walk with Bandit, and between all the running around and walking the dog, managed to log more than 14,000 steps on the pedometer.

That was a one-day total. Maybe I need to help someone move more often!


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