Hungry Girl just made my day

I love Hungry Girl’s recipes. I subscribe to her daily e-mails and find myself printing them out more often than not. But it’s rare that I print one and have to try it ASAP.

That’s what happened with the Cara-mellow Coffee Freeze, a swap for the McDonald’s Frappe. I opened the e-mail Thursday night and contemplated hitting up the Super Walmart for the ingredients when I got off work (at 1 a.m.).

Well, I managed to contain my excitement until Friday morning. I did, however, make sure to stop at Walmart on the way home from my chiropractic appointment.

Thus equipped with all the proper ingredients, I sped home to whip one up. I didn’t even put the groceries away first, just started making the coffee drink. (Well, what else do you expect from a Starbucks junkie?) 😉

It was fairly easy to make, especially with my Ninja. I know I’ve raved about my Magic Bullet, but it has nothing on the quad-bladed Ninja. Those ice cubes blended right up in a flash.

Yes, it's as good as it looks.

And it tasted fantastic … way better than any of my homemade coffee drink creations (which I admittedly thought tasted pretty darn good when I made them).

I’m glad I have plenty of ingredients left to make more.

Given a choice, I’d rather have the mocha Frappe than the caramel one. But that’s not a problem. Armed with HG’s recipe, I can adapt. I bet it’ll taste just as great made with chocolate pudding and chocolate syrup, too.

Anything tastes better in chocolate, right? Have I mentioned the chocolate-covered bacon a co-worker brought in to share? 😉


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