Confession time

I know it doesn’t fit in with my new paradigm, but I’m seriously flirting with the idea of going back to Atkins.

My life coach, Jenn, and I have been working on the idea that I can have anything I want. My paradigm, which I have posted in various places, is “I can have it all. I want energy and satisfaction.”

Sounds great, right? And that all can include some of my low-carb favorites. (See Broccoli Crunch Salad.)

I even managed to lose 0.8 pounds this past week, bringing me to 250.4. And it happened while enjoying all kinds of foods that wouldn’t be allowed on any “diet.” (Among them: A big plate of home-cooked soul food from a new restaurant in town, four mini Reese’s PB cups, four Frappuccinos (Light, of course), a slice of pizza and Caesar salad from Picazzo’s, two grocery store-made salads with soup; one chocolate PopTart and a McNugget Happy Meal.

Imagine how many pounds I could have dropped if I hadn’t eaten all that junk!

Yet the further I try to push myself into the world of intuitive eating, the harder my mind shoves back. I’ve been to Barnes & Noble three times this week to peruse “The New Atkins for a New You.”

Apparently, the updated Atkins Nutritional Approach has upped the amount of veggies you’re supposed to eat each day, from 3 cups to 8 cups. And now almond and soy milks are in play, along with tofu and meat substitutes.

I sat at a table in the B&N cafe today, perusing Atkins and thinking, “I can do this.”

It’s familiar. I’ve had (much) success in the past. Until I met the Boyfriend, I even thought I’d be able to eat that way for the rest of my life. I love steak, eggs, bacon and cheese. I even look forward to salads when I can top them with those yummies.

I actually do better when I have a list of foods I can/can’t eat. Atkins was easy; South Beach, when it got more permissive after the first 2 weeks, was not. Weight Watchers’ “everything in moderation” approach also got me in trouble. If I can eat anything, that means cake is perfectly fine. It’s far easier for me to take cake off the table altogether, because if I start eating it, I can’t stop with just a little.

That brings me to the quiz. In the early pages of the New Atkins book, it has a list of questions:

Do you seek comfort in carbs? Eat them when you’re not hungry, just because they’re there? Turn to comfort foods when you’re depressed or bored? Find it hard to stop eating them once you start?

Yes, yes … a thousand times yes.

The book says that’s a sign  of being on the carb-addict roller-coaster, craving the very foods that make you feel like crap.

I did not buy the book today. Its hefty $16 price tag was a deterrent. But I’m still thinking about it.

I may try to cut back on the flour and sugar without actually doing full-blown Induction for a week or two and see what happens.


2 responses to “Confession time

  1. I re-started Atkins this week, too. I felt icky (swollen and grouchy, like with allergies) and, of course, gained pounds. I’m thinking I have a gluten sensitivity. So Atkins takes care of that. BTW, the book is less than $9 on amazon.

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