Back in control?

My “weekend” is over, and I’m getting ready to go back to work this afternoon.

It was an experiment of sorts — one in which I tried to make better choices in the presence of the Boyfriend. It worked … sort of.

Breakfast Wednesday was some Chobani pineapple yogurt before I left the house for Starbucks.  That’s where I go to write while the Boyfriend is working (read: playing tennis).

When I got to the cafe, I was still hungry, so I ordered my first bowl of “perfect oatmeal.” (Better than a pastry, right?) I don’t know why I’ve avoided it for so long — it tasted fantastic. I added the nuts and brown sugar, saving the packet of nuts for later.

Instead of a Frappuccino, I got a “trenta” sized iced green tea with two Splendas. (Love that Trenta tea … it’s the best idea Starbucks has had since the coconut-mocha Frappuccino.)

The phone rang at around noon. The Boyfriend was on his way, and he wanted this for lunch:

A quarter-pounder with cheese. No pickles.

Instead of joining him in eating a giant burger and fries, I got a Happy Meal. Four McNuggets, and I split the kids’ fries with the Boyfriend (not by choice. I’d have eaten them all myself, but he insisted. I’d have gotten him his own damn fries if he’d said he wanted them. He just said “quarter pounder. no pickles.” Does that sound like he asked for fries?)

Ahem. Rant over. 😉 I ordered the chocolate milk with my Happy Meal. I snacked on the leftover nuts and, when the Boyfriend brought it out, a few bites of rice leftover from the night before.

Dinner was a pork chop, baked potato and salad, with a little ice cream for dessert. A few hours later, I had a few bites of cereal the Boyfriend wanted to snack on … and even later, a Granola Thin (my last one).

It felt a lot more in control, so I’m happy. I’ll have to hop on the scale in the morning to see if my pleasure in how things went is justified.


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