Fun with butternut squash

Butternut squash has long been one of my favorite foods. Sometimes, I think I missed it more than potatoes when I was doing Atkins.

When I was a kid, my mom used to halve it and bake it with butter in the scooped-out cavity. I usually just poke it with a fork and bake it whole, then scoop the seeds after it’s cooked. (I’m a weakling — I have trouble cutting a raw one.) I sometimes take cooked squash to work as a snack.

I’ve also tried butternut squash fries (yum!) and Hungry Girl’s Butternut Squash Bake (also delicious).

So when I read a blog post earlier this week on the Butternut Squash Enchiladas someone had somewhere (I think it was Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point, at a Scottsdale restaurant while she was on vacation), I knew I had to have some.

Lucky for me, I had leftover squash in the fridge. At lunchtime Sunday, I had the time … and a clean Ninja Master Prep. The result?

Four Butternut Squash Enchiladas … I had two for lunch & the other two when I got home from work.


In the mix:

2 oz. grilled chicken (from a bag I picked up @ Super Walmart for $2.50)

Red onion

Red bell pepper

Butternut squash

About 2 T juice from leftover canned tomatoes

4 corn tortillas


Cumin, chili powder, pepper and garlic

I whirred the onion, pepper and chicken in the Ninja, then added the squash and tomato juice and blended some more. That filling stuffed four corn tortillas.

With the enchiladas in the pan, it was time to make the sauce. I threw the tomatoes (left over from a pasta dinner from last week) in the Ninja with garlic, cumin, chili powder and black pepper. A few seconds later, I had a flavorful sauce.

After topping the enchiladas with 1/4 cup RF cheddar, I popped them in a 375 degree oven for 20 minutes.

The result:

Not too pretty, but delicious.

I’m so glad someone gave me the idea, because I couldn’t have asked for a better lunch.

The filling was sweet and savory. Just cheesy enough, and delicious. I’m likely to make them again next time I find myself with leftover squash.



Get a load of that gorgeous filling.


Note: They tasted better at lunchtime than they did when I reheated the other two for dinner. The corn tortillas got kind of mushy in the microwave.

I followed them with half a Honeycrisp apple dipped in caramel Oikos. That’s a match made in heaven, for sure. Who needs sickeningly sweet caramel dip when caramel yogurt is around? Not me!

Who needs caramel dip? Perfect dessert right here!

Dessert never tasted so good. Okay … that may be a slight exaggeration. It wasn’t chocolate, after all. 😉

Speaking of chocolate, I believe I read a blog about putting a handful of chocolate chips in some Oikos caramel yogurt. That’s an idea I’ll have to remember.

After lunch, I went to see “The Dilemma.” I’m proud to say that I said “no” to the movie popcorn.

Oh, it wasn’t easy. In fact, I almost changed my mind and made a run for the concession stand right before the previews started. By then, I was in the mood for a pretzel instead.

Amazing how that works. Those big, soft pretzels flashed on the screen and I started thinking about how I wanted one … how I needed one … how delicious it’d be.

I told myself I could have a pretzel at Barnes & Noble, after the movie, if I still wanted one. (I planned to head there after the movie to do a little editing before work.) Then, once the movie started and my mind was occupied, the pretzel fled my thoughts.

I even forgot about the Nature Valley Granola Thin I’d slipped into my purse to eat during the show … until I ran to the bathroom mid-movie.

In the interest of full disclosure, I did have a pretzel when I got to B&N. I paired it with a coconut mocha Frappuccino light. No wonder I didn’t get hungry for dinner until 10 p.m.!

Even then, I ate just soup. The salad I packed for dinner, complete with chicken, spinach and lettuce, bacon bits, cheese, onion, tomato and red pepper, will make a nice lunch tomorrow.


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