Pretty kitty

Today’s Project 365 photo features … my cats. (Better than another picture of me, right?) That means two pictures for the price of one, because it’s hard to get them close enough together to pose for a single picture.


IIn the background, you can see some of the clutter I still need to clear away.

Destiny is my first pet. Growing up, I couldn’t have a cat because my mom hated cats — and Dad said our yard wasn’t big enough to have a dog. So I had goldfish. Not very exciting (or cuddly).

Later on, Spirit arrived.


I named her Spirit because when she was a kitten, she had gray splotches in the shape of a ghost’s face on her head. Two little eyes and an open mouth … but the gray disappeared as she grew up.

To hear my cat’s names — Destiny Erin (Gaelic for “peace”) and Spirit Noelani (Hawaiian for “mist from heaven”), it sounds like I’m a wide-eyed granola-eating, nature-loving idealist.

Maybe a part of me is. I’d love to see peace on earth and goodwill toward all. The world would be a much kinder place that way.

But I’m also a big-box-store-supporting, Libertarian-leaning believer in the “live and let live” philosophy. I won’t push my choices on you if you don’t push your way of life on me.

And that’s getting dangerously close to political. Damnit, Jim! I’m a healthy living blogger, not a politician. 😉

I’m not apologizing for the “Star Trek” reference, either. Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock might have gotten all the attention, but Doc McCoy was way underrated.


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