Might be time for a fridge makeover

It's a lot more crowded in there now. This was taken right after I moved into the new/old fridge.

Sometimes I wonder if I should have been born a man. That’s one explanation for my penchant for finding useful tips from the folks at Men’s Health.

The most recent article to catch my attention, courtesy of an “Eat This, Not That” tweet? 4 Ways to Rethink Your Fridge.

To be fair, I think the tips it lists will work equally well for both men and women.

The one I find particularly intriguing is to shop for only a few days’ worth of groceries at a time, instead of doing a big shop once a week. Those of you who hate to shop or are pressed for time probably hate the idea, but I think it has potential.

  1. I love to shop … well, unless it’s at a garage sale or thrift store.
  2. Having too much variety can lead me to overeat. (Over the summer, I thought about writing a post about just that topic, but I haven’t done it yet.)
  3. Shopping for fewer meals at a time might cure me of my tendency to buy food that looks good when I’m at the store but goes uneaten because it doesn’t appeal when time comes to cook it.

The other tips in the article also make sense.

  • Keep nutritious snacks like fruits and veggies at eye level, because if you see them, you’re more likely to eat them. That’s sensible. Roni wrote a post not too long ago (I think) about putting her fruit basket in plain sight.
  • A companion tip: Hide the junk. Out of sight, out of mind. I know I eat less of the crackers and sweets “hidden” away on the top shelf of  my pantry.
  • Combine leftover sides/entrees into single-serve containers. I’ve been known to put soups and stews in several small bowls rather than one large one.

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