No lard after all

This is just HALF of the burrito I got. I ate the first half for lunch.

This is just HALF of the burrito I got. I ate the first half for lunch.

People really do read my blog … even the folks at Chipotle.

After my recent post about my sneak peek, in which I linked to a Prior Fat Girl post talking about an ingredient in the tortillas she didn’t like, I got an e-mail from Robin, the PR person who hooked me up for the line tasting.

Robin wanted to set the record straight, assuring me that Chipotle’s tortillas are lard-free.

That paragraph piqued my curiosity so I checked in with the ingredients/nutritionist folks at Chipotle to clarify, and the tortillas they use are made with zero trans fat vegetable shortening and absolutely no lard. So, enjoy those burritos in lard-free peace.

That’s good to know, and I’ll keep it in mind. However, I’ll be honest: I already went back to Chipotle (on Thursday).

Armed with the misinformation on the tortillas, I opted for a chicken fajita bowl with rice, black beans, chicken, grilled onions and peppers, fresh tomato and corn salsas and a little sour cream.

The bowl full of chicken and veggies was so delicious that I didn’t miss the tortilla. (And so filling that I probably should have saved one-half to one-third for later. I didn’t, but that’s a whole other issue.)

I’m here to tell you: Even lard-free, the tortilla just might be an unnecessary component to a Chipotle experience. 😉


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