Look at the moon

This photo doesn’t do it justice. Until I decided to snap its picture, the moon was hanging low in the sky and appeared huge. But here it looks small.

The moon must be camera-shy!

This post title reminds me of the musical “Hair.” I was in the chorus of the community theater’s production before I left Indiana. At one point, one of the main characters says, “Look at the moon” and the rest of us, pretending to be stoned, were supposed to gaze up appreciatively.

That was a fun play to be a part of — even if it was the cause of my bum knee. We were in the rehearsal hall, and the air conditioning created a puddle of condensation on the floor. During a dance number, I slipped in the puddle and fell, twisting my knee. It hasn’t been the same since.

Curse my clumsiness! 😉


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