Chipotle’s here

I promised a link to my article about Flagstaff’s new Chipotle Mexican Grill once we had it up on the Daily Sun website. Well, here it is.

It wasn’t open yet when I visited on Friday, but they organized what’s called a line tasting for me. I got to taste all the components that go into their burritos — and then they made me a burrito with the toppings of my choice so I could see how everything went together.

Among the veggies, the corn salsa and guacamole were my favorites. The Barbacoa beef and pork were the best meats — probably because they were on the milder side. I still have Midwestern taste buds, even after 11-plus years in Arizona.

Amazingly enough, I preferred the vegetarian black beans to the pinto beans with bacon. (Yes, you read that right. I liked the non-baconed beans better. What is this world coming to?)

After we chatted about the chain and its menu, they made me a burrito … a big, beautiful behemoth of a burrito.

Because it was so huge (and I’d already filled up on tasting everything), I cut the burrito in half. I enjoyed half for lunch and took the other half to work with me to eat for dinner.

This is just HALF of the burrito I got. I ate the first half for lunch.

It was delicious, but I think next time I’ll ask for a smaller scoop of rice … and maybe extra lettuce/salsa/corn salsa.

I was a little disappointed to read on Jen’s blog that Chipotle’s tortillas are made with lard. I can always try the salad or burrito bowl on my next visit (because I know there will be a next visit). Thanks for the heads up on that, Prior Fat Girl!

* * *

Update: I heard from the PR folks from Chipotle and was assured the tortillas are lard-free. Here’s what Robin said in her e-mail:

I checked in with the ingredients/nutritionist folks at Chipotle to clarify, and the tortillas they use are made with zero trans fat vegetable shortening and absolutely no lard. So, enjoy those burritos in lard-free peace.


3 responses to “Chipotle’s here

  1. apparently most tortilla wraps are made from lard? Many people commented on my post saying it was true. Either way, I promise you, when you order a burrito bowl, there is still so much flavor packed into it that you won’t even miss the wrap! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hmm … that’s probably why I like the tortilla. My mom used to cook with Crisco all the time. Well, I’m definitely checking out the bowl or the salad when I go back.

  2. I hate you. I just met you and I’m jealous you have a chipotle and I don’t! Just kidding…I’m very happy for you!!! I guess it’s a good thing that we don’t have a Chipotle b/c I’d eat there as much as I did in college….every day. :-/

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