New torture device?

The Boyfriend picked something up at the thrift store Monday:

Yep. It’s “Six Second Abs.” Before you all comment it’s a waste of money and it doesn’t work, let me reiterate: The Boyfriend picked it up. From the thrift store. I think it cost about $3.

For $3, I’ll try it. I did try it, actually … and it felt like it did something. Oh, I’m not convinced it’s the key to a flat stomach or six-pack abs, but it’s — gulp — kind of fun.

Don’t let the Boyfriend hear me say that, though. He’ll be pushing me to do it all the time.

And it is linked to Flirty Girl Fitness, the infomercial for which I’ve watched more than once. It looks like a lot of fun.

What can I say? I also enjoy belly dancing workouts and “strip aerobics” seminars. I’d also be one of the first in line for a pole dancing fitness class, should such a thing ever make it to little old Flagstaff. I know they exist in Phoenix and other big cities.

Hmm … maybe I don’t have as far to go as I think when it comes to that whole “loving my body thing.” I guess it just depends on the day, hour and minute. My mood swings on the subject are monumental.


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