Nature’s grandeur

Instead of taking the interstate back to Flagstaff Tuesday, I headed home via the scenic route.

That’s right. I went straight through Sedona, meaning I was treated to views like this:

Gorgeous, isn’t it? I hadn’t been to Sedona for a while — so long that I’d kind of forgotten just how beautiful it is.

I think I need to visit more often … and actually get out of the car and onto some of the hiking trails. Hard to believe I have this gorgeous playground in my back yard and just take it for granted, isn’t it?

Shame on me. I need to rectify that situation, ASAP.

P.S. That’s Coffepot Rock you see framed between the stoplight and lamppost. A lot of the rock formations are named … Snoopy Rock is another favorite of mine.


One response to “Nature’s grandeur

  1. Heck yeah. I’d be out there hiking and taking in that beautiful view as much as I could if it were that close. Come on girl!!

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