More (links) to love

This may not be as long as some of my Link Love posts, but I figured I might as well share them before y’all thought I dropped off the face of the earth. I’ve been enjoying my weekend off.

Without further ado:

— Apparently, many of us are deluding ourselves. This study says 90 percent of Americans believe they’re eating a healthy diet — even though they don’t count calories, weigh themselves, watch fat or sugar consumption or eat enough veggies. I might be able to get behind the no counting or weighing … but not eating veggies? In what world is that a healthy way to eat?

— Shape magazine released this list of 15 foods to have in your kitchen at all times. I have most of them. Do you? I admit, there are no pomegranates or OJ in mine. I can’t figure out how to eat a pomegranate and I got out of the orange juice habit while I was on Atkins … never picked it back up. I figure a whole orange is better than the juice, anyway.

— I think it was Roni who shared this link to Zen Habits: You’re already perfect. I’m not sure I believe that, but it sure would be nice if I could.

— Julie at Savvy Eats posted a recipe I want to try: Clementine Cutie Brownies. They look scrumptious!

Now, back to my regularly scheduled weekend off. I’ll post the weekend’s worth of Project 365 photos starting tomorrow.


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