Experiments gone right?

It’s not that I dislike cooking. In fact, I like it very much. I love to experiment in the kitchen — and try new recipes from my favorite Food Network chefs. (Years ago, when I had my first apartment, I watched Food Network every chance I got … at least when I wasn’t watching “Dead at 21” on MTV.)

I just so often feel rushed for time that the easy option (a frozen dinner or restaurant meal) seems like my only option.

Lately, I’ve been trying to rely more on my own kitchen and less on other people’s cooking.

Here’s a look at a few of the things I’ve whipped up in the last few days.

This egg-and-veggie concoction on sourdough actually settled my stomach a few nights ago.

Remember how I skipped dinner Monday night, opting for Doritos and candy instead of leaving the office to go home for a decent meal? Well, when I got off work, I made this: An egg, scrambled with mushroom, onion, bell pepper strips and a little cheese. I served it over a piece of sourdough toast and topped it with a little salsa.

I was pleased with the way it turned out — and the slightly spicy combination actually made my stomach feel better. I guess I just needed to eat something more substantial than chips and chocolate.

Perfecting my take on a local restaurant’s offering: The Burrito Burger.

For lunch on Tuesday, I attempted another “burrito-burger.” This one included a real beef patty, half a flour tortilla, some light mayo, 2 T diced green chiles and about 3 T sharp cheddar cheese. On the side, I had some sweet potato fries with ketchup.

Thursday’s dinner was another thrown-together masterpiece. Okay … perhaps not a masterpiece. But it was edible … maybe even tasty.

Pretty tasty for a kitchen experiment.

I sauteed some onion and garlic with a sprinkle of Chinese five-spice powder and some wasabi powder. I cooked some scallops, tossing in some steamed veggies (yellow beans, snap peas, water chestnuts and mushrooms) and soy sauce. I threw the whole lot over some whole wheat penne.

It might not look pretty, but it was pretty tasty … and filling.


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