Food will always taste good

That’s something my coach, Jenn, has said to me a couple of times during our conversations.

And you know what? She’s right. Even if I’ve just eaten a nice, satisfying lunch, that cookie (or ice cream, or chocolate) will taste good. Having dinner before I go to the movie theater doesn’t make the popcorn smell any less delicious.

What I’ve been trying to remember is that I don’t have to eat it just because it’s there. It will still be there later … and it will still taste just as good then, if I decide to enjoy it.

Chocolate-peanut butter heaven.

Sometimes, it works. It did with these babies, homemade chocolate and peanut butter buckeyes. I ate one soon after getting to work and then passed them by more than once … until I opted to work through dinner. (Then I ate Doritos from the vending machine and capped them off with a buckeye.)

It didn’t work so well last night. The Boyfriend and I were out and about, and we ate dinner before we left. Even so, I decided I simply had to have a Reuben sandwich (on special) several hours later. I wasn’t all that hungry, but I wanted that Reuben … and it was cheap! (And delicious!)

I do, however, think I’m making progress. Lately, even if I eat something that in the past I’d have considered “off-limits,” I don’t necessarily say “screw it” and start devouring everything in sight.

It’s a start, right?

P.S. Look for some catchup Project 365 posts. Ive been taking the pix; I just haven’t had my own computer to upload them.


One response to “Food will always taste good

  1. I enjoyed reading some of your recent posts while perusing your site. Those chocolate & peanut butter yummies look too good to resist :o) You did great! Looking forward to reading more about your strategies and progress.

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