Up and down day

I was feeling pretty great about myself earlier today, for more than one reason.

First off, I had a productive morning working on my novel. I met a writer friend of mine at Starbucks for a write-in and wrote more than 900 new words.

Then, I enjoyed a burger and fries for lunch without immediately thinking “I blew it.” When my write-in ended at about 12:30, I treated myself to lunch at this great deli in town. The Reuben Burger was calling my name — loudly, so I told myself it was OK to eat ordered it … with a side of fries.

Now this deli isn’t part of a fast-food chain, so I figured it was safe to get a burger. This post kind of ruined fast-food burgers for me … at least for the time being.

It was a perfect burger. The sauerkraut on top … the Thousand island dressing … a thick, meaty patty … delicious! The fries were great, too.

After lunch, I ran to Safeway to grab a snack for work. After wandering through the bakery department and deciding I DID NOT WANT a donut, cookie or even a 99-cent cupcake, I ended up with a snack of Honey-Vanilla Greek yogurt (Yoplait brand) and pineapple chunks.

Honey/vanilla Greek yogurt with pineapple mixed in — yum.

Knowing that yogurt and pineapple awaited — and still being quite full from lunch, I DID NOT WANT any of the pizza hanging out in the newsroom all afternoon and into the night.

Oh, I opened the box to see what kind was in there … but it just didn’t look good to me. (What? Is the sky falling? Surely the world is coming to an end!) I didn’t tell myself I couldn’t have the pizza, or I didn’t need it. I just didn’t want it.

Even when dinnertime came — and went — without me sneaking away from my desk, I didn’t want a slice of pizza. The box ended up here, without any help from me.

Look what I didn’t eat …


So you can see why I was feeling pretty great, right?

Well, when I did sneak away from my desk to grab a bite to eat, I thought about getting a half salad and chili from Wendy’s … but somehow, I decided Taco Bell sounded better.

That’s where I ended up — and my pretty good day went downhill quickly. I DID NOT order off the Fresco menu. I got the Mexican Pizza combo. Yes, the one with two Taco Supremes. And no, I didn’t ask them to leave off the cheese and sour cream.

I guess it could have been worse. I could have come back to work and eaten more than two tiny pieces of the divinity floating around the office.

Damn. Still haven’t re-started Project 365. It’s on Friday’s to-do list. Honest.


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