Chickpea burger a success

Could it be that I’m turning into a vegetarian? Half the time, meatless meals appeal to me just as much — or more — than anything else.

Oh, wait. If I were a vegetarian, bacon wouldn’t be on the menu. I’m not willing to give up crispy, delicious bacon. (You know I don’t like fake bacon … although, to be fair, I’ve never tried the Morningstar Farms bacon.)

Chickpea Burgers with Ricotta Sauce — January 2011 issue Shape

My Tuesday lunch experiment turned out well — better than I expected, actually. The Chickpea Burger with Ricotta Sauce was both flavorful and filling. Yum! Even better, it wasn’t too difficult to make.

I pressed the Ninja into service to chop the parsley and garlic, and again to pulse the chickpeas. You can see it there at the top edge of the photo.

You can also see the free panko bread crumbs I received at the office. A few months ago, Progresso sent me a package with three boxes — regular, lemon pepper and Italian. Until now, I haven’t had much use for them. But they sure came in handy Tuesday — 1/4 cup plus 2 T for mixing into the chickpea mixture and then dredging the completed patties in.

After 5 minutes under the broiler, they emerged looking like this.

I flipped them over and broiled for five more minutes, then topped one with onion, tomato, spinach and the ricotta sauce (ricotta blended with Greek yogurt).

The result?

Looks delicious, doesn’t it? Let me assure you, it was.

I’ll definitely polish off the leftovers and make this recipe again. But next time, I think I’ll pulse the chickpeas a few more times before I attempt to make patties. Maybe the burgers will stick together better that way.


3 responses to “Chickpea burger a success

  1. So glad you posted this, I was just going through my magazine this morning and saw this recipe…Glad to hear they came out tasty – i’m going to buy the ingredients today to make them tomorrow…can’t wait!

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