Spreading the (link) love

Yes, it’s that time again. I told you I could probably share great links every day. There are so many fantastic blog posts/articles/tweets out there!

— Tina at Faith Fitness Fun recently shared her “Body After Baby” eating plan. I’m not trying to lose weight after having a baby, but I love, love, love her action plan … well, except for that counting calories part. That I’m a little squiffy about. I’ve spent years counting carbs and Points, and don’t want to count any more. However, I probably need to count something if I want to lose weight. If I do, I’d like to steal Tina’s approach.

I won’t track every morsel that crosses my lips by using a tracking program. I won’t hold off on eating something when hungry because it doesn’t “fit into my daily calories”. I won’t shoot for processed or packaged items for their lower calorie content. I will, however, loosely determine how many I’m eating here and there just for a general reference. I want to be sure I’m eating enough for breastfeeding, but not going overboard in portions or choices to where I hinder my personal goals either.

Well, except for the breastfeeding part. Don’t need to worry about that that. 😉

— Jenn from Live Well Fit Now shared a bunch of inspiring links, including this one to an article by America’s favorite doctor, Dr. Oz. Some of my favorite lines:

  • “A New Year’s Resolution can be a dramatic or cathartic moment for many people, but I would rather just see it as a new way to do things from now on rather than with the burden and drama of drastic change.”
  • “It’s not about the weight; it’s never been about the weight. It’s about how much you care about yourself and believing that you can do it.”

— Felice Appell, the PR guru for Weight Watchers Arizona, posted a link to a story on habits to “drop and swap” for weight loss success. Good, solid advice.

— SkinnyJeans Steph tweeted a link to this great article: Resolved: Eat Better, Not Less, for a Healthier Diet. Advice to take to heart, for sure. I want to eat more whole foods.

Speaking of whole foods, it’s time for lunch. I’ll be trying the Chickpea Burgers with Ricotta Sauce from the January issue of Shape magazine. (I tried to find the recipe online, but it wasn’t on the magazine’s website.)

I’ll come back later with photos and an update on the recipe.


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