Take Two

After sleeping in until nearly 1:30 p.m., I went straight for the kitchen because lunch was calling my name.

All-beef Quesadilla Burger, baked potato with salsa and Greek yogurt and Broccoli Crunch Salad.

Today’s lunch was another experiment with the burrito-burger (or quesadilla burger). This time, I used real beef and beefed up the amount of chiles and (slightly) cheese. I also remembered to add a little light mayo.

It was a vast improvement over the veggie burger I had earlier in the week. That’s odd, because normally I like those meatless burgers. I paired it with some Broccoli Crunch and a baked potato topped with salsa and Greek yogurt.

I also ate the last of my Oreo Balls today. 😦

Dinner was some leftover Cider Stew (taken from the freezer), a corn VitaTop, more Broccoli Crunch, and a container of Oikos Chocolate yogurt. OMG — that yogurt is to die for. I think I’m going to have to pick up some caramel and see if it’s as good. (That also gives me an excuse to look for pineapple Chobani.)

Other eats:

  • About 6 cherry cordial Kisses. (I seem to have lost count, but I know it wasn’t too many. No more than a 9-Kiss serving, for sure.)
  • Almost a full bottle of H2O

    What's left there probably used to be ice.

  • Whatever I snack on when I leave the office in a few. (I’m thinking a few crackers with hummus will do the trick. Would you believe I found a container of Sabra Hummus at Walmart for under $3? It sells for upwards of $4 at the grocery store, if I remember correctly. Then again, a milkshake with chocolate milk and peppermint ice cream sounds good, too. Decisions, decisions!)

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