Focus, don’t fail me now

I came up with that title in reference to my car, which I had a hard time starting this morning in the subzero temperatures we had in Flagstaff overnight.

My roommate said she thinks it could be the battery … a distinct possibility, considering the car is a 2004 model and I haven’t replaced the battery once. Here’s hoping it holds out at least until the end of the week, when I get paid.

But I realized that title could refer to other things, too — like the focus on my goals (both weight loss- and writing-related goals).

In terms of my New Year’s goals, today was decent. I started reading “The Art of Racing in the Rain;” I made a batch of Broccoli Crunch Salad; I went to lunch at Wendy’s but ordered the grilled chicken and fries. (I’m still not over that article I read earlier in the week about fast-food hamburgers.)

I bought a fancy new “goal-tracking” pedometer and set out to take 2,900 steps after putting it on at about 1 p.m. (Starting small.) I read a few blog posts about building blog readership (mostly for my writing blog, Love & Laughter).

I even set myself up with Google Reader. (I know, I know … I’m slow. What can I say? I’d been out of college for 5 years before I got my first e-mail account?)

I did not re-start Project 365 today, nor did I drink enough H2O. (Did I even make that one of my goals? I don’t remember.) I also did not make a late-night fast-food run.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad start to 2011. Here’s to making Jan. 2 just as good – or better.


2 responses to “Focus, don’t fail me now

  1. The broccoli crunch salad looks delicious! I am going to scour your site and find the recipe :o) Love sharing yummy recipes that are healthy. Thanks for letting me lurk around your site :o)

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