New year, new goals — part deux

My last post outlined my overarching goals for 2011: To learn how to eat intuitively and find enjoyable ways to move my body.

Here’s a list of a few specific ways to get started:


1. Finish reading “Intuitive Eating,” the book (again). I read the Atkins book twice before it stuck, too.

2. Keep working with Jenn . I seem to be learning a lot from our coaching chats. I want to keep expanding on that relationship.

3. Try to honor my body, including its cravings for sugar, while still cutting back on the sweets. I’ve been eating way too much sugar, and I know that if I cut back, I’m not likely to miss it.

4. Limit the number of Frappuccinos I drink — perhaps to no more than two a week. I can still write at Starbucks, but order the iced green tea.  (This would have the added benefit of helping me save money.)

5. Eat at home more often, thus eating out less. (Again, a money-saver.)


1. Take my dog, Cocoa, on at least one walk a week.

2. Walk myself at least three times a week, for 20-30 minutes a time.

3. Find my pedometer and start wearing it again, trying to beat each day’s total the next day (until I reach a respectable number like 9,000).

4. Rework my budget to fit in a gym membership again. (?)

5. Unshelve the Carmen Electra aerobic striptease DVD and other forgotten faves.

Other life goals

1. Keep my goal of becoming a published romance novelist on the front burner by attending my local RWA chapter meetings, writing regularly, entering contests and sending out query letters. I plan to post more on my writing goals over at my writing blog, Love & Laughter. (But that post hasn’t been written yet.)

2. Reduce clutter. My room resembles a … well, let’s just say it’s messy. Really messy. I want to have a less cluttered bedroom (and car).

3. Develop — and stick to — a budget that includes saving a healthy amount of cash each month so I can afford to go to writer’s conferences and healthy living blogger conferences … I want to travel to places I haven’t seen and meet some of the fantastic people I’ve encountered in cyberspace.

4. Start saving for a new MacBook Pro. My iBook G4 is OLD and it’s time for an upgrade … I can’t even get a new digital camera that works with my old laptop. I tried a couple of weeks ago, and it wouldn’t recognize the photos.

5. Revive Project 365. I made it through all of four or five days before craziness got in the way. I want to try this again … one picture a day, every day for a year. How hard can it be? 😉

That’s quite the list. But all are do-able … and would make 2011 a very good year — well-documented, photographically, too.


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