More link love

That’s right. It’s that time again: Time to share some of the favorite articles and blog posts I’ve been reading lately.

Actually, I think every single one is from a reading binge I’ve been on for the last hour and a half. Oh well — at least they’re fresh, new posts instead of ones that have been making the rounds for a month.

— First off, an interesting article from Dave Zincenko, the brains behind Men’s Health‘s “Eat This, Not that” series. He talks about real food vs. engineered food … finally, a vindication for my love of real bacon. (Apparently the turkey bacon has the same number of calories but is 10 times worse because it’s not real … I know it sure tastes worse.) And he just might have cured me of my fast-food hamburger habit.

— Tina from Carrots N Cake posted an article on about beating her sugar cravings. That’s a bandwagon I can jump on, for sure. I find myself eating way too many sweets … and while I don’t want to ban them from my life, I’d also like to start cutting back. (By the way, take a peek at Tina’s new blog redesign. Gorgeous!)

— In preparation for the new year’s resolutions we all make, Jenn at Live Well Fit Now rounded up a slew of articles that, as she said, “encourage change from the outside in.” Just the kind of change I want to make in 2011. I plan to check at least a few of them out before I write my annual resolutions post.

— From my breaking news feed from : Neanderthals cooked and ate veggies as well as meat. Oh, the things researchers will look at! Actually, it’s quite interesting to see a slice of prehistoric life. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the History Channel.

— With a Side of Sneakers posted a recipe I want to try, for vegan peanut butter fudge. I probably won’t buy vegan butter to make it, but I have plenty of regular butter leftover from my holiday baking. And I do love peanut butter fudge. (Yes, I realize this doesn’t go along with my “kick the sugar habit” goal above. But in keeping with my attempt to listen to my body, I’m going to feed it peanut butter fudge if it asks.)


3 responses to “More link love

  1. Interesting links, Arlene. My problem is salty snacks – chips & dips, etc. (sigh.) At least my guests have left and we’ve finished most of the leftovers, so I hope to get back on track with my eating habits soon!

    • I’m thinking of taking the rest of my Christmas baked goods to the office with me today. Of course, I’ll probably end up eating a bunch @ work, but then they’ll be gone for good.

    • As for chips and dips, I sometimes make a really delicious chip dip from Greek yogurt (instead of sour cream) and ranch dressing powder.

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