Secret Santa came

When I got home from work Thursday night, there was a package waiting for me.

Yes, my Blogger Secret Santa struck. I should have taken a picture of the unwrapped package, but I’m no good with surprises. I had to open it right away.

It was from Camille at I Will Run for Chocolate, and here’s what was inside:

Secret Santa came!


More specifically: Peppermint bark and a Starbucks gift card, along with some hot cocoa and chocolates from Rocky Mountain chocolate factory.

Chocolate and Starbucks. She couldn’t have sent anything more perfect. It seems like she’s known me forever.

In the note Camille included with my gift, she told me she thought my story was impressive. Well, hers is pretty amazing, too.

I’m so glad Tina organized this gift exchange. I discovered two new bloggers to keep up with!


2 responses to “Secret Santa came

    • Thank you so much. We have (or had) a Rocky Mountain Chocolate store here in Flagstaff, but I haven’t been in there for years. Not sure why. They’re the ones who make those delicious caramel apples.

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