Merry Christmas

I couldn't resist picking up this jolly Santa hat at Walgreens. Ho, ho, ho!

Today will be a busy one for me: Last-minute shopping, here I come.

I’ll be doing it in this jolly Santa hat. Yes, I questioned the wisdom of putting on a Santa hat when I’m starting to look more like the Jolly Old Elf, but I decided to embrace my pudgy self and go for it. This is me, now. I can’t change until I love the way I am — double chin and all.

After running the usual errands and doing some last-minute shopping for my roommate, there may be some moviegoing involved. Yes, I want to go see “Little Fockers.” Nothing says Christmas like Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro!

OK, actually, the quintessential movie is “A Christmas Story.” I love little Ralphie, his annoying kid brother, Randy, the leg lamp and everything about that movie. It was one of my family’s favorites, in part because Ralphie lived on Cleveland Street in Hammond, Indiana … he could have been my mom’s neighbor!

Tin full of treats. I've given away three of these, and still have plenty left for myself.

My food situation hasn’t changed a lot. I’m still playing with the ideas of intuitive eating, trying to eat what I want. I’ve been giving myself permission to eat sweets. I try whatever comes into the office and enjoy all my holiday faves. Butter Cookies, Mexican Wedding Cakes, Oreo Balls. Sometimes saying “of course you can eat this” works and I don’t eat any more of it … sometimes I end up overindulging.

However, like many of my favorite bloggers, I’m getting tired of cookies.

Lunch Thursday: Satisfying.

Did I just say that? Who am I? 😉

Just what I wanted for lunch Tuesday: A beautiful salad with a ham sandwich.

I actually wanted salad a couple of days this week. Amazing, but true. The half cobb salad and chili I had for lunch Thursday really hit the spot. I walked out of Wendy’s completely satisified … or so I thought. Then I got to work and there were macaroons and chocolates involved. Ah, well. Christmas comes just once a year, right?

I also craved Black Bean and Zucchini Quesadillas, one of my favorite Carb Lovers Diet recipes. I ate some for dinner one night, and made one up as a snack after work another. (Had to use up the remaining beans before they went bad, right?)

Maybe my body will actually guide me to a normal weight, if I let it. I’ve been scared that I’ll just keep eating crap and balloon back up to 300 pounds if I have no diet rules to follow … but maybe not.

It’s worth thinking about.

I’ll ponder that while I’m running to the bank and shopping up a storm. Doubt I’ll be doing anything but laughing my butt off when I get to the movie theater, though.


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