Blog surprise revealed

My Blogger Secret Santa recipient got her gift, so now I get to tell everyone what I got her.

I shipped my gift off to Julie of Julie Go Lean. It was a blog I’d not stumbled across yet, but I immediately liked her style. I bookmarked the site and have been checking back regularly.

That’s how I know she got her gift:

For Julie Go Lean: A gel mask and some lotion for some much-needed post-semester pampering and a cute bowl and plate for those breakfast oats.

That’s right. That adorable gift bag contained the slew of goodies at left.

I thought about a coffee mug, but figured there was more of a chance that would get broken en route. I went with the very cute plastic bowl and plate instead. (I almost wish I’d gotten myself some, too.)

Now I can’t wait to see my surprise.


4 responses to “Blog surprise revealed

  1. thank you SOOO much for the gift!!! i’ve been using everything on the daily haha 🙂 the bowl is the perfect size for popcorn and oatmeal and everything under the sun 🙂 you’re so sweet!!

    • Thanks. I’m so glad you liked it. Since you were on a blogging break, I read through some back entries to try to figure out what you might enjoy. 😉

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