Close to a breakthrough?

I’m dangerously close to making a food-mood connection.

Remember how I spent Sunday baking? (Of course you do. I just blogged about it hours ago.)

Well, I began the morning with a PopTart. Not the healthiest breakfast, I know. But it sounded like a good idea at the time.

It probably would have been a better idea on a day I wasn’t surrounding myself with sugar. I ate a couple of cookies fresh out of the oven … OK, more than I care to admit. There was at least one mint chip cookie, a broken reindeer butter cookie and a Mexican Wedding Cake. I also licked the beater a couple of times.

I didn’t eat any real food (Last-Minute Lasagna) until just before I went into work, at 4 p.m.

While I was eating my holiday cookies, I enjoyed them. But I noticed afterward that I didn’t feel so great. I started craving salty foods. I even — gulp — wanted a salad.

I didn’t have one, but I probably should have — because even now, I sit here wanting salad.

Guess my body’s trying to tell me I haven’t gotten enough veggies these last couple of days, eh?

That could be a very good thing. It’s been a long time since I craved vegetables. (I think the last time was on Atkins, after a couple of days of nothing but meat and cheese because I was camping and that’s what we had.)

If I’m going to start trusting my body to tell me what it needs, I ought to listen to it. Guess that means it’s time to make myself a salad. Hope my lettuce is still good.


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