I won again

I can no longer say I never win anything online, because I’ve been winning quite a few online prizes lately. This time, I’m the lucky winner of a sample pack of VitaTops, courtesy of a giveaway at RonisWeigh.

I can hardly wait to see what flavors arrive in my sampler (chocolate mint, I hope … can’t find those around here.).

While I kill time waiting for the shipment, I picked up a box of Deep Chocolate VitaTops to tide me over. I grabbed them at Target after reading on Facebook that all Target stores now carry the brand. I was skeptical, because our Target has a tiny grocery section … but I found them tucked  away next to the frozen breakfast foods.

Tonight after dinner, I crumbled one up and made a parfait with some light peppermint ice cream. It’s not much of a recipe, but it’s a start — and it’s delicious.

Perfect pair: A Deep Chocolate Vitatop with light peppermint ice cream

Perfect Peppermint Parfait

1/2 cup light peppermint ice cream

1 Deep Chocolate VitaTop

Crumble VitaTop and layer with ice cream in a pretty glass.

P.S. I bet it would taste just as good (or even better) if you added sugar-free chocolate syrup and light whipped cream to the mix.


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