New recipe: Last-Minute Lasagna

I tried something new for lunch today: Last-Minute Lasagna.

Tina from Carrots N Cake posted it on her other blog, Trading Up Downtown.

She promised it was delicious — and husband-approved. She wasn’t kidding. I loved it … and I think the Boyfriend would eat it, too.

I did modify the recipe a little bit, adding some meat — a link of hot Italian sausage and a link of sweet Italian sausage. I also used less ravioli, because the bags I bought were smaller. My version only had two layers of ravioli, not three. Still delicious!

Next time, I may try making it with shredded zucchini and mushrooms instead of spinach.

Yes, there’ll be a next time. I’m definitely putting this recipe in my keepers file.

P.S. Looking at some new recipe links today, I found another similar recipe over on All You magazine’s website. Funny how I never heard of this before, then see it twice in a week.


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