Busy morning

Working the late shift can really play havoc with my sleep patterns. Most nights, I don’t get to bed until 2 or 3 a.m. (Last night, it was about 3:30.) As a result, I tend to sleep away most of the morning.

Today was no exception. Once I managed to drag my butt out of bed (at 10:40 a.m.), I spent what was left of the morning in the kitchen.

First, I pulled the Crock Pot’s crock out of the fridge. (I readied the Cider Stew, tonight’s dinner, before I went to sleep.) I put it in its base, but didn’t turn it on until after I had the Potato-Crusted Quiche (made with asparagus instead of spinach this time) in the oven. I wanted it to come to room temperature so I didn’t crack the crock.

With the quiche in the oven and the stew in the slow cooker, I (finally) started on lunch: Roni’s Homemade Garden Tomato Soup from Green Lite Bites.

Like Roni, I’d never made tomato soup that didn’t come in a can. But the recipe couldn’t be simpler: Just whir the ingredients in the food processor and simmer on the stove.

Another great idea from Roni at Green Lite Bites!

Can I just say, “Yum”? There’s no other way to describe fresh, homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese on the side.  Add in the peach I ate while I waited for the soup to cook, and I’ve eaten 7 Points so far today. Not bad at all.

I know dinner will be just as delicious. I love my Mom’s Cider Stew.

One response to “Busy morning

  1. Yes, “yum” covers it. It looks deelish! I think I’ll pick up a bunch of “seconds” when I hit the tomatoes at the Farmer’s Market this week. I see tomato soup in my near future. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you’re doing really well. Congrats!

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