Eating naturally

I’ve been slacking on my 30 Days of Self Love posts — and I have only myself to blame. The topics have all been so meaty and meaningful that I want to devote plenty of time to my reflections … but  then I end up not getting it done at all.

Such was the case with Tina’s Thursday post, all about eating naturally.

Tina writes:

“I knew my body deserved respect. I wanted to care for the body God had given me. It could do so much for me by surviving years of binging, enduring months of brutal competition prep workouts, carrying a child, and beyond. Why should I not give it my best? And wouldn’t it make sense that the best I could give my body came in the form of the foods God gave us?

That was how I personally (began) to understand the importance of giving my body the best quality and choosing the apple over the 100 calorie pack every time.”

Those are, indeed, some weighty thoughts. I love that point of view … and I wish I could say it was mine. But I’m not there yet.

Tina asked if we’ve experienced any shifts in the way we view food.

I’d love to say that I have. And it’s true … to a point. I’ve gone from eating an entire box of Hamburger Helper or macaroni and cheese at one sitting to sticking to what a recipe says is a serving. (Most of the time. I sometimes still have seconds.)

I spent two-plus years on the Atkins Diet, consuming massive amounts of cheese, meat and eggs (deviled are my favorite). And I lost 100+ pounds on Atkins.

I’ve been counting Weight Watchers Points off and on for more years than I can count. (I think I began in 2007.) I still haven’t gotten to my goal weight … but then again, I’m not a very good WW member. I don’t track my food religiously, or even manage to stay OP every day.

Now I’ve started the CarbLovers Diet, which I think is like “the best of” WW. It encourages you to eat the whole foods WW labels “filling foods” (oats, fruit, veggies, chicken, beans) … and because those pesky 100-calorie packs aren’t on the list of approved foods, I’m doing it. (On WW, I tend to save my Points for junk food.)

Hmm … maybe my view of food has shifted toward where I want it to go, at least a little bit. That’s good to know.

Still, I struggle more than I’d like. I continually let one not-great choice snowball into a whole day (or weekend). I have trouble saying no to the temptation of baked goods. I succumb to the siren call of the drive-thru.

So in that way, my view of food has remained constant. If I could figure out what drives me to fall back into those bad habits, maybe I could finally make a lasting change.

Until then, I’ll try to keep in mind a thought Tina retweeted on Twitter today:

“How well you take care of yourself is directly related to how much you love yourself. Feed your body LOVE.”

Love this quote. I think I’ll make a dozen sticky notes with this saying on them and post them all over the kitchen (and in my cubicle at work). Something’s gotta work!

4 thoughts on “Eating naturally”

  1. “Still, I struggle more than I’d like. I continually let one not-great choice snowball into a whole day (or weekend). I have trouble saying no to the temptation of baked goods.”

    ME TOO! I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who does this.

    Love your blog, thanks for sharing your honest thoughts, no matter how hard that can be sometimes.

  2. I definitely struggle too. I have this thing where if I start to make a mistake, I think, “too late, screw it!” and just completely erase all my good eating for the day. I know I *should* treat my body right, but I’ve forgotten how to and it’s been hard learning to do it again.

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