I lied

OK, it wasn’t so much lie as eternal optimism. I said I was going to stick to zucchini au naturel from here on out … but I’ve been baking again.

This time, I was inspired by all the pictures of yummy baked goods Tina posted at Carrots N Cake. She was having a blog bake sale earlier this week to raise money for Team in Training (which is something I flirted with joining, until I decided there was no way for me to raise that kind of cash).

Among the items up for auction was a loaf of zucchini-pumpkin bread.

I decided to attempt to make my own, modifying the banana bread recipe from my Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook. (This one belonged to my mom, so it’s old enough that some of the recipes actually call for MSG, which always makes me laugh.)

I ended up making three mini-loaves. The leftover batter went into the big loaf pan, but was thin enough that it turned out more like brownies than bread.

Three mini-loaves & a very thin large loaf

I need to work on my adaptation skills, though. I ate a piece of the thin loaf after dinner and it turned out really dense and chewy.

I don’t know if that’s because of the whole wheat flour … or only using 1 Tablespoon of oil … or using baking powder instead of baking soda. (I really must remember to pick up baking soda next time I’m at the store.)

Don’t get me wrong: The result was tasty. It’s just not very cake-like or bread-like.

And don’t worry: This time, I took Sharon’s advice and froze most of the batch. All three mini-loaves went into the freezer, to be enjoyed at a (much) later date.


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