Zucchini festival

Let the baking begin …

I had fun in the kitchen Friday, but all that baking turned out to be not so great for the diet.

Brownies, bread and cookies … all with zucchini (and I still had some left!)

Sure, everything I made was reasonably healthy (zucchini brownies, zucchini cookies and zucchini bread) … but the quantity I ate made it decidedly less so.

I guess I’ll look on the bright side: At least I burned off some calories while running around the kitchen for 2 1/2 hours, making three different zucchini recipes … plus lunch and a zucchini-stuffed twice-baked potato for dinner.

I took the goodies to work, since I made them for a photo shoot for Sunday’s food page. Other people made a dent in the spread, but I ended up snacking way too much throughout the day … and I took the leftovers to the Boyfriend’s with me (and finished them all, because they were too healthy for him.

Here’s the article I wrote, which includes the recipes. Don’t ask me why the photos aren’t showing up with the story online. They should be there.

From now on, I’m going to stick to zucchini that looks more like this:


2 responses to “Zucchini festival

  1. Sometimes this works for me, sometimes it doesn’t. Had you considered slicing and wrapping each item in individual servings, then freezing? Out of sight, out of mind!!

    I’ve often wondered if this isn’t the very reason I’ve convinced myself I can’t or don’t like to cook. Leftovers are just far too dangerous of a category for me.

    Great article, BTW.

    • Thank you.

      Now that I have a freezer to myself, I’ve been freezing a lot of things. I’ll make a recipe and freeze 2 or 3 servings of it. I probably should have frozen some of the baked goods … but I honestly thought the Boyfriend might eat some of it, instead of taking one nibble of a brownie, making a face and refusing to try anything else.

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