insidious perfection

Ah, perfection.

The quest for that elusive state has turned many a good day into a diet disaster.

As Tina wrote in today’s 30 Days of Self Love post:

Our simple act of desiring perfection ends up leaving us with even less of what could be called a “perfect” life because we miss out on life.

I’d say she’s perfectly right, but because perfection is a state that does not exist, I have to content myself with saying, “That is so true.” 😉

I find it to be especially true on the diet front. Many times, I’ll be going along, making pretty good choices until …

… I decide to have a cookie from the breakroom at work … Or I choose a hamburger and fries for lunch … Or the Boyfriend suggests/insists that I eat _________.

Suddenly, all bets are off. I equate that single not-so-great choice (which in itself wouldn’t do that much damage) with a pass to keep eating crap. Because I’m not sticking to my diet perfectly, I end up not sticking to it at all.

This is a problem for me — a BIG problem. I’ve written before about how that all-or-nothing mentality trips me up.

Instead of falling into the trap of trying to be perfectly OP, I need to remember what Roni said:

You will never be “perfect”. Not your diet, not your body, not anything. Do your best everyday and make the best choices you can to live a happy, active, healthy life. When you relieve yourself of the pressure of perfection you just might be able to reach your goals.

So right … and it fits in so well with Tina’s message today. A good reminder to do what I can, when I can.

As one of my friends in Logansport used to say (quoting her mentor when things in the newsroom got too crazy, or too many demands/expectations were heaped up): All you can do is all you can do.

5 thoughts on “insidious perfection”

    1. I don’t know, either, but I wish it would disappear. I don’t need to eat perfectly to lose weight … I only need to make one (good) choice at a time. And even then, a few not-great choices aren’t going to make me balloon back up to 300 pounds.

  1. i’m a perfectionist also. and constantly dissatisfied because i’m no where near perfect!!

    i think i’ll email that quote to my husband – he’s in sales and doesn’t have time to do all everyone wants of him (he already works 60+ hours a week as it is).

    1. Glad you liked it. I have to pause and remember it myself when things get crazy at work and I’m trying to be all things to too many people.

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