A bit of a struggle

That’s right. Again. I ran out of planned meals and snacks and had a couple of meals that were definitely not CarbLovers friendly Thursday and Friday. (Including a late-night combo meal from Wendy’s after work … fries and double cheeseburger deluxe. Ugh. Stress-induced eating sucks.)

I shopped before work yesterday, though, and came up with my menu through next Tuesday (or Thursday, since I didn’t follow Friday’s menu. I’ll just shift them all over and  make Friday “Sunday” instead.)

Today I slept in again, and had a tasty burrito with tortilla chips and salsa for lunch. However, dinner and my afternoon snacks are all planned — 13 Points for all the food in my bag, and I’m already thinking of some banana ice cream when I get home from work tonight.

Thanks, Tish, for the blog award. I plan to pass it along as soon as I get a moment. Just needed to write this out to reaffirm my intention to stay OP the rest of the weekend.

No county fair for me!

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