Reflection on my body

Today is Sept. 2, and Tina over at Faith, Fitness, Fun kicked off her
30 Days of Self Love campaign yesterday. Today’s post: Gifts of the Body.
She asks us to consider:

What would do you if you didn’t have your hands to craft words on paper (or screen)? What would you do if you didn’t have arms to embrace a loved one? Legs to run? Eyes to experience the beauty of this world? Picture life without any single part of your body.

Our bodies bring us so much opportunity and lifeWe must cherish the bodies we have, with all their quirks, soft spots, or pains. They do not deserve the abuse which we expose them to on a regular basis, both physically and mentally.

Even if they can’t do all the things we hope or look the way we desire, our bodies still require love. If you had someone in your life who supported you in every way imaginable, wouldn’t you want to show that person your appreciation? Our bodies are that entity. Let’s show them a little bit of thanks today and throughout this month of self-love.

Then she asked us to reflect on our bodies’ gifts, and thank our bodies for giving them. These three came to me pretty quickly, but I can’t guarantee future weeks’ thoughts will. (Apparently, we’ll be doing this once a week … if I get started now, I just might pass next week with flying colors.)

  • I thank the creative part of my brain that comes up with funny, (hopefully) touching love stories — and the fingers that type them.
  • I thank my collarbones. Even if they don’t do much, they make me feel sexy.
  • I thank my legs for all the places they’ve taken me all these years … through marching band and color guard competitions in high school, all over my college campus and now around my neighborhood.

4 thoughts on “Reflection on my body”

  1. Hehehe…you caught on to my purpose. We’re doing it more often so at the end you have to come up with 12 different things and really see that there is a reason to love basically ALL of your body. Sneaky chick I am! 😀

    Thanks for sharing this on your blog again!

  2. You’re obviously a writer. A good writer. I enjoyed reading Tina’s post and yours, but ducked the assignment. I left you an award on my post today.

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