A small hiccup

I inhaled my salad before I thought to take a picture.

I was all set to write a very different blog post tonight … one about how I was proud of myself for getting a chili and a side salad for lunch when I went to Wendy’s this afternoon.

The combo is on the CarbLovers Diet “eat out” list, so I wanted to pat myself on the back for making a smart choice. To be honest, I wasn’t even tempted by the fries.

Unfortunately, my day went downhill from there. I (half-purposefully, half-forgetfully) missed the ice cream social at work this afternoon. But the leftovers were in the fridge and freezer, calling my name.

Before dinner, I remained strong, eating my yogurt, honey and oats instead. Then I went home for dinner and enjoyed leftover salmon and a baked potato.

After dinner, I ran to McDonald’s, thinking I’d get a small ice cream cone and, by so doing,  avoid being tempted by the ice cream at the office. That didn’t work out so well. My plan backfired and I ended up eating the McD’s cone AND two small bowls of ice cream once I got to the office (one with two small scoops of chocolate, one with two of Neapolitan).

Ugh. Well, I guess it could have been worse. I put a stop to the insanity by throwing away my bowl before I could go back for thirds. And I’m confessing the transgression here so I don’t wallow in the mistake and let it snowball into a day’s worth of bad choices.

I intend to get right back on track. Starting now.

Playing catch-up:

Curried egg salad sandwich with grape tomatoes

I’m a little late posting this picture of Wednesday’s lunch. When I wrote last night’s post, I was on the Boyfriend’s computer, and didn’t think he’d be too pleased if I uploaded pictures of my sandwich onto his laptop.

Looks delicious, right? Concerned that my hard-boiled eggs were about to go bad, I whipped up this Curried Egg Salad from the CarbLovers Diet book. It uses Greek yogurt in place of mayo and adds curry powder to jazz up the flavor.

It was a very pretty sandwich, but curry powder isn’t one of my favorite spices. I ate it, and I’ll probably make it again the next time I have eggs to use, but it will never be one of my faves.


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