Breakfast and a menu

I’m busy making plans for tonight’s book club meeting. Since I’m the host (at another member’s house), I get to come up with the menu.

My plan is to make everything delicious, but diet-friendly. Thoughts on the menu:

  • Roni’s spinach-stuffed mushrooms (the whole batch is just 2 Points, and I’ve taken them to my writer’s group meeting with rave reviews)
  • Chocolate-dipped bananas and Dark Chocolate & Oat Clusters from the CarbLovers book
  • Black Bean & Zucchini Quesadillas (also from the book)
  • Cheese & crackers, if I have enough money

That sounds like enough food to feed nine women, right? I hope so, because my budget is limited.

Banana-Berry Shake

I’ve been up for a while now, checking friends’ blogs and working on my menu. Breakfast was something a little different this morning. I tried the banana-berry shake. It’s like the Banana-Cocoa Shake, but with 1/4 cup berries instead of 1 T cocoa. Mine was heavy on the blueberries.

It tasted pretty good, but I think I like the cocoa one better.

Well, it’s time to check the pantry, then the bank account so I can hit the store.


2 responses to “Breakfast and a menu

    • We read “A Soft Place to Land.” It wasn’t anyone’s favorite … but everyone really liked my refreshments.

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