And the winner is …

A cool bowl to tote salads in and some feta to make them taste better. What could be "betta"?

Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: The winner of my very first blog giveaway.

The winner is Cindy:

look at you with your fancy blog giveaway! congrats Arlene! :)

I only like salads that are bad for me. :) Like bacon, ranch, steak. I also have to have avocado too which is good. Yum.

I love feta.

The cat refused to cooperate, so I used the very unscientific method of writing names on scraps of paper and picking one out of the proverbial hat (a pile on the bed) with my eyes closed.

Congratulations. I’ll get in touch via e-mail so I can get your shipping info to the publicist, and then you’ll be on your way to enjoying free feta and a cool Fit & Fresh Salad POD.

Thanks to everyone who entered for all the great salad ideas. Now that I’m home from vacation, I have no excuse not to try them out.


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