More link love

I hope you’re hungry for new recipes and info, because here are a few of the more interesting things I’ve found while traveling the information superhighway. Enjoy!

— Since I forgot to include this link last time, I’m doing it now. It’s a Food page feature I did on Flagstaff barbecue joints, and I’m very proud of it. Best article I’ve written for the paper in a while. And yes, it did involve tasting all that yummy barbecue. (And we wonder why I struggle with my weight …)

— From the files of “why are they paying someone good money to study this?” Is it any surprise that a high BMI is linked to proximity of convenience stores and fast food restaurants? Women who live within five minutes’ walking distance of a plethora of fast food restaurants have a higher BMI than ones who live within walking distance of a grocery store. Duh. (Wonder what happens when you happen to have both a grocery AND fast food within walking distance, like I do?)

— I think I found the blog Say Yes to Salad via a link at Carrots N Cake — and since I just wrote about my need to eat salads more often, I HAD to go check it out. I’m glad I did. While poking around there, I found a recipe I have to try: homemade (unsweetened) ketchup. I can’t wait to see what it tastes like. If I like it, it’ll be so much cheaper than buying bottles of Heinz.

— Another new blog I found by clicking on one of the followers at Carrots N Cake: Nourished Fitness, by a health coach and competitive weight lifter named Alyson. The comment caught my eye because she seemed to be in Arizona (and she is). A recipe I want to try: Cinnamon Sweet Potato Bites. (It’s there, I promise. Just scroll to the bottom of the post.) They look delicious.

— There’s one more blog to add to my regular reading list: With a Side of Sneakers. Heather is a registered dietitian who focuses on eating well, with all things in moderation. I haven’t poked around her site too much yet, but I’ll definitely be back.

4 thoughts on “More link love”

  1. Can’t wait to check out your BBQ article.

    And that stat about Fast Food vs. Grocery stores sounds about right. I’ve been trying to eat better (and less) for a few months now. When I stopped at one of my favorite fast food places (used to be one of my favorites, anyway) and had what I used to have (way too much food!), I felt sick afterward. Maybe I’m finally conditioning my body to reject that stuff? 🙂

    1. You’re welcome. The ketchup turned out pretty well. It’s different from Heinz, for sure … but I could get used to it.

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