Nice recovery!

Today turned out to be a pretty great day, at least when it comes to staying OP. Maybe I just need to hit that mental “reset” button every time I have an out-of-control day.

No exercise, but I did stay within my Points target for the day. In fact, I have 1 Point left over for an after-work snack.

Fantastic Foods veggie sloppy Joe mix with a side of “Foreman fries” and (homemade) ketchup.

Breakfast was Overnight Oats in a Jar (with Craisins, almond milk and peanut butter) again. Lunch was vegetarian sloppy Joe mix on a Sandwich Thin with a side of my soon-to-be-famous “Foreman fries.” (Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

For dinner, I had something you’ve seen before: A hot dog on one of those rectangular Sandwich Thins, along with my last wedge of Roni’s roasted cabbage and some grilled zucchini. Mmm.

I also treated myself to not one but two Frappuccino lights (one before work and one after dinner), thanks to the two “Treat receipts” a friend shared. Yes, two was probably excessive. But I had the Points for them, so I figured I might as well enjoy.

Now, I’m trying to decide how to spend my remaining Point. Will my after-work snack be sweet or savory? That’s a very good question.


3 responses to “Nice recovery!

  1. I have never done WW but I really like the idea of points. I tend to snack after dinner, but I think it would help if I set aside a certain amount of food that I can have after dinner in terms of something other than calories!

    Frap lights are SO good 😀

    • They’re even better when they’re only $2! 😉

      As for Points, I find the system works pretty well for me. You have to add smaller numbers, so they’re easier to count than calories. For someone who’d been used to counting carbs (1 to about 40, including decimal increments), the math transition was a breeze.

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