Getting back on track

It hasn’t been easy to get back on track, and when I got on the home scale this morning, it said I was up (or at least the same) as my last meeting.

Knowing that, I made the decision to skip my WW meeting. Bad decision, I know. But I decided to use the $20 for groceries instead.

OK. Actually, I took myself to lunch at my favorite pizza place instead. I got my usual combo, a Caesar side salad and the special slice of the week. This was after a nice, 30-minute walk in the neighborhood, and the whole meal only has about 12 Points. That’s not a huge amount when I get 28 for the day.

After lunch, I began a project I’ll talk more about in another post: Cleaning out the pantry. I’m starting small, by trying to use up some of the stuff I have.

A successful experiment — minus the one I snacked on.

With that thought in mind, I baked some cupcakes. Yes, those magic cupcakes, made from a box of cake mix and a can of diet soda (carrot cake and Swiss cream soda, to be exact. But in an attempt to improve their nutritional profile, I threw in a half cup of old-fashioned oats, too.

The resulting batter was a total of 45 WW Points, and it made 20 cupcakes, for about 2.2 Points apiece. Next time, I’d probably add another 1/2 cup of oatmeal … that’d still be under 2 1/2 Points per cupcake.

They’re tasty. I think I’m going to freeze some of them so I don’t get tempted to eat too many at once.

Since I ate a higher Points lunch and snacks, I stuck to salad for dinner — and discovered, much to my surprise, that salad can be very filling.

A filling salad. Who knew?

I didn’t skimp on the greens — 2 full cups of a spinach-romaine mix. I also used about 1/4 cup sliced strawberries, some chopped mushroom, 6 stalks of asparagus (that I think I left on George a little too long, judging by their yellow-green hue), 2 T of feta cheese, a MSF chicken patty and some leftover strawberry dressing my roommate made from an Eating Well recipe.

I usually look at the salads Tina posts on Carrots N Cake and think “that looks good, but I’d be hungry again in an hour.” Well, this salad looks almost as good as any of hers, and — surprise — it’s five hours later and I’m not champing at the bit for a midnight snack.

Hmmmm … Filling Foods, anyone? What a good reminder that WW really does work. (I’m still struggling, but that’s probably because I’ve been only half a$$ing it. I need to commit fully to get the results I want.)

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