Healthy can taste good

There’s a very important fact I’ve somehow managed to forget over the last several months: Healthy food can be just as delicious as not-so-healthy choices.

That’s right. I don’t have to be gorging myself on a hamburger and fries to enjoy my meal. Other things can be just as satisfying — if not more so.

How could I have forgotten that?

Even Spirit was interested in Overnight Oats in a Jar.

I started off my morning with a new-to-me recipe: Overnight Oats in a Jar from Tina at Carrots ‘N’ Cake. I linked to the recipe here. She raves about these things, and has them for breakfast practically every day. Now that I’ve tried them, I can see why.

Since I didn’t have a jar, I fixed mine in a bowl. Being without chia seeds and walnuts, I left those out of my version. I used almond milk instead of soy milk, because that’s what I had in the fridge. And since I’m watching my Points, I didn’t heap up the peanut butter. I limited it to 1 T.

Even with the modifications, my OOIAJ were delicious. I’m thinking of having them again Monday. Yum! (Or, as Tina would say, holy yum.) Definitely a filling, 5-Point breakfast.

I was still in an experimental mood when it came time for lunch, so I whipped up a batch of Roni’s Roasted (wish they were grilled) Cabbage wedges from Green Lite Bites.

Cabbage, zucchini, sweet potato fries and a hot dog

Veggies took center stage in my lunch. In addition to the cabbage, I enjoyed some grilled zucchini, sweet potato fries and a Hebrew National 97% FF hot dog on a Sandwich Thin.

My cabbage turned out OK. I need bigger pieces of foil to wrap them in, and I think I need a little more marinade. My lemon was a bit skimpy and I didn’t have 2 T of marinade for each wedge.

Still tasty, though. And just 1 Point per wedge. I had a second one with dinner.

All in all, I’ve eaten 27 Points. The Twitter food journal app still isn’t pulling a single date, but I did the math in my head.

That leaves me with 1 more Point for a snack. I’m thinking of going home and fixing some homemade fries. I may end up eating 2 Points if I do, but that’s still manageable.


4 responses to “Healthy can taste good

    • I think it works … it did suck in today’s breakfast, but that could be because I posted it within the same 24-hour period.

      Food Units
      tina’s ooiaj (minus the nuts and chia seeds, w/ almond milk, not soy) & 1 t chunky pb – yum! 5
      5 grape tomatoes 0
      roasted cabbage wedge 1
      hn ff hot dog w/ sandwich thin, ketchup, mustard 2
      2 oz. frozen sweet potato fries 2
      grilled zucchini 0
      tall coconut-mocha frapuccino light at the bn cafe – yum! (estimate b/c reg mocha lt has 2 3
      3 rf oreos 3
      svg bbq soy crisps w/ salsa 2
      oreo fun stix 2
      lean pocket w/ another cabbage wedge 6
      sf vanilla pudding cup 1
      that’s 27 points for the day.
      plus 6 in after-work snacks (homemade fries w/ ketchup; 3 rf oreos). total 33: 28 + 5 fp.
      variation on ooiaj from @ carrotsncake 5
      Total: 32

      Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

      • Yeah.. see there is something funky about the dates. I think Twitter changed something on me and I can’t figure it out!

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