Old, bad habits

They’re trying to rear their ugly heads again … those old, bad habits I’m determined to vanquish for good.

Tonight, it’s a craving for a post-work Wendy’s run. My lunch wasn’t very satisfying — my own darn fault. I was in a hurry and stopped at Sonic on the way back from the Boyfriend’s. I had a kids chicken strip meal with Tots (not the better choices of apple dippers or a banana) instead of something more substantial.

I tried to make up for it with some sliced turkey and grapes as an afternoon snack, but I’ve still been hungry all evening …. even after eating grilled zucchini and a Healthy Choice meal for dinner.

The Healthy Choice was one I hadn’t seen before: Lobster & Cheese Ravioli. It was pretty tasty, even if I’m not sure I tasted much lobster.

Anyway, I am not — repeat NOT — going to Wendy’s when I leave the building. (I’m not even sure if they’re open, but that’s not why I’m not going … I ‘m not going because I’ve already eaten my 28 Points for the day, plus 1.

I think I will have to make that plus 2, though. I’m going to try to satisfy my after-work munchies with some popcorn or string cheese. Maybe both (which would then be plus 3). I can live with that … what I can’t live with is a junior double cheeseburger deluxe meal.

I’ve already had enough fast food for the day.

Gasp! Did those words just come out of my mouth? Why, yes, I think they did.  😉

That’s a sure sign I’m getting back in the right mindset to take off these extra pounds I’ve been packing back on. Finally …


2 responses to “Old, bad habits

  1. Good for you for recognizing those habits trying to sneak back in–ad for standing up and saying “No!” You can do this 🙂

    • I’m starting to believe that again. I had a few rough months where I’d have said “No, I can’t.” But I’m getting back into the groove now.

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