I beat the pizza, but the cookies beat me

I avoided more temptation today by saying no to pizza hanging out in the newsroom. It wasn’t easy, especially since I caught a whiff of it every time someone opened the box.

But I did it. Too bad I can’t say the same about the cookies sitting next to the pizza. The one saving grace was that, being from Pepperidge Farm,  they had a nutritional label. At least I knew what I was eating … all 4 Points of it.

I also took a long (38-minute) walk with Bandit this morning. He’s now home with his mommy, so I’ll be walking solo again — or taking Cocoa with me. She seemed really happy to go on a walk last time I took her out. I just don’t take her often because it’s tough to get her out the door without Cinnamon wanting to come, too.

I won’t walk Cinnamon because A) she’s not my dog; and B) she can’t walk on a leash without tugging me down the street.  (And because she’s not my dog, I’m not going to train her. Not my job.) That makes it easier for me to not walk either dog. Really, that’s not fair to poor Cocoa … and Cocoa needs the exercise just as much as I do.

Enough about that. It’s time for me to head home. I have a late-night snack to enjoy. I think I’ll have tabbouleh on half a Sandwich Thin. It’s what I’ve had the last couple of nights — and it’s pretty tasty.


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