Too many snacks and a mixed bag kind of day

My Friday started off promising … but I ended up not resisting snack temptation at work. Two oatmeal cookies, a handful of M&Ms, a slice of banana bread AND two other cookies dipped in chocolate. I’d estimate at least 8 Points — maybe 10. That pretty much shoots my FPs for the week, and I judge the chili cookoff tomorrow.

I’m in trouble.

Even worse, I’m still hungry, so I’ll probably head home and have another snack. At least at home, I’ll eat something good for me. I’m thinking popcorn … 1 Point’s worth.

Well, at least I’m more aware of eating way too much. A couple of weeks ago, I wouldn’t have even noticed. The awareness (and kind of counting) my binge is a step in the right direction. Now, I need to forgive myself and get right back OP. No wallowing for days, or starting again “next week.”

I’m getting back on track Saturday. And if I eat a little more than I should while I’m judging the chili cookoff, I’ll drink a lot of water and have salad for dinner.

Anyway, I got some good news today, too.

Yay, Starbucks!

That’s right. I’m now a Starbucks Gold member (meaning, I think, that I have purchased 30 drinks with the gift card I keep reloading on payday).

Keep in mind that almost all of these drinks have been WW-friendly iced green teas sweetened with Splenda. Yes, I do sometimes go for the Frappuccino Light — but when I’m hanging out at the Bux with my laptop, writing, I tend to go for the tea. I even get free refills on tea (found that out a couple of weeks ago and have been taking full advantage of that benefit).

Since it was payday, I had lunch at my fave pizza place, Picazzo’s, and hit the grocery store right after. Ended up spending nearly $100 — all on good-for-me choices. OK, I bought a few portion-controlled snacks, too, like some new Quaker True Delights Cafe Squares in Raspberry Mocha and Oreo Fun Stix. (I’m with Hungry Girl. Love those things!) But for the most part, I stocked up on produce, lean meats and Sandwich Thins.

Someday I’m going to take a picture of  my grocery cart. Of course, it may never look better than it did today … 😉

Planning a run to the local Farmer’s Market downtown on Sunday. Hopefully I can pick up some cheap zucchini. It’s about the only thing I didn’t pick up at Safeway.

Jeez — this post is all over the place. Well, at least it has a photo. Blogging experts say posts with photos are better.


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