First day back OP

I forgot how helpful and inspiring the WW meetings are. After mine, I headed straight to the grocery store to buy stuff for two new recipes.

Lunch was the Mexi-style Salad Bowl from the 2009 Three-Month Journal. Protein, lettuce, black beans, corn, pepper, onion and jalapeno in a red wine vinegar/EVOO dressing.

Delish. I’m having it again for lunch today.

I kept track of my Points all day, and after dinner (with dessert) still had 2 Points left.

That’s where my legal late-night snack came in. I had a stick of string cheese (shared with my cat, who loves cheese. I give her just a tiny little nibble of one of the strings.) and a root beer float made with skim milk and diet root beer.

I can’t remember where I saw the idea first, but it really is tasty. The milk bubbles up just like ice cream would. It’s a nice sweet treat that doesn’t break the calorie bank.


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